Blacksmithing – Gates and fences

We are pleased to present the offer made by us gates and fences.
All gates are made to individual order. For outdoor installations, we recommend hot-dip galvanizing as the most effective method of corrosion protection.
Forged, riveted gate with a wicket in the true sense of the word, ie all the main bars riveted, spikes forged directly on the bars (bar 14, for an additional charge you can get square bars 16,18, or 20 (the non-welded steel castings). Welding is limited to a minimum.
The whole hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated
Completion of oak wood of high quality dried like for home furnishings, 8 to 9% of humidity, and then in the production process humidity is raised to the 15% necessary for outdoor use.
Optionally, for a small fee, you can get IROKO exotic wood, in the grain pattern very similar to oak and very resistant to weather conditions
(used inter alia for the construction of ships, yachts, breakwaters)
The gate with a wicket is custom-made for specific dimensions. 
– The door double-leaf of solid construction mounted to a system of steel columns or of masonry using the mounting plates
– Depending on the pattern filling can be of  steel sections or bars
– Symmetrical division of wings; the passive side has a lock
– Manual gate is equipped with a lock and bolt locking passive wing to the ground