Structural work

Structural WorkBuilders from our refurbishment company undertake all types of structural opening walls projects. We do work directly for the private clients, or as a subcontractor as another construction company, local builders or structural engineers.

Some of the work associated with structural services you can see below:

  • Groundwork, foundation, footings, reinforced concrete slabs & screen opening the internal wall between the room, knocking down inner walls
  • Basement improvements, construction and general underpinning the houses
  • Opening the internal wall between the room, knocking down interior walls 
  • External masonry wall opening, build the extension, create a side house extension or kitchen extension
  • All types of structural steelwork, from fitting steel beam or lintels,  to complete structural fitting RSJ  for internal and external walls, domestic and commercial steel beam
  • All kinds of drainage work including unlocks blocked drainage
  • Enlarging the bathroom including internal wall openings

We offer our structural service for the local individuals who self supervising their projects.

The steps of the process of the project:

  • Site visit by our representative person, create a note about the structural opening required in your house for the Structural Engineer
  • Arrange the appointment for our structural engineer who will make all the calculation for structural opening prepare drawings
  • Report the work and start date for the local Building Inspector.
  • Start the work, protect work areas, do all the preparation work, support opening area with the construction props and strong boys.
  • Upgrade all the existing plumbing and electric  make sure all the wall demolition work will do smooth and safe
  • Demolition work to create the internal wall opening in the house, between the room, kitchen opening wall or knockdowns walls to enlarge the bathroom
  • If we do external wall opening for example for the house extension/kitchen extension significant after work is secure the outer wall opening – what always do our builders
  • Fitting RSJ (rolled steel joist)  on the location and support, make sure everything safe is in level
  • Fit wet or dry padstone, make good work including brickwork and dry-pack
  • Remove all the props and strong boys, boxing in with the fire resistance plasterboards- pink plasterboard
  • Call for the building inspector and sigh of the job

MK Refurbishment London Ltd offers for our client’s builders with over 20 years experience in the structural internal and external opening,  the construction and we can do for them as well the structural part of the project.

Our local builders are fully insured, and we offer for our client’s peace of mind for structural service in London South East Area such: Crystal Palace, East Dulwich, Brixton the South East of London. Tulse Hill  London SW2, Camberwell  London SE5, West Norwood  London SE27, Dulwich London SE21, Dulwich Village London SE21, West Dulwich London SE24, Crystal Palace London SE19,Forest Hill London SE23, Penge  London SE20, Herne Hill London SE24, Brixton London SW2, Clapham London SW4, Sydenham London SE26, Bromley BR, Croydon CR and Central and South London surrounding areas…

Fitting Rsj, structural opening, removing internal wall, fitting steel beam

So if you are looking someone to secure and safe install steel beam/ RSJ, knock down the internal load-bearing wall, or create structural wall opening in the external masonry wall.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions with regards to your project, or you need free advice, below you can see a few small jobs done by our refurbishment company.

We also offer for our client RSJ/ steel beams supply at trade prices…

What is RSJ stand for?

RJS- rolled steel joist, but some people and builders call theme only steel beam. Rsj is using in support of a new opening or existing wall or roof opening to support. There are a few different types of Rsj: I-beam, H-beam (for universal column, UC), w-beam (for “wide flange”), universal beam (UB), or double-T and  H-shaped.

Why RSJ suppose to be boxing with the pink plasterboard?

The pink plasterboards are a fire board To protect the structural steel in your house flat, or house extension. This board has glass fibre and other additives in the core to protect against fire in most domestic situations

  • Single layer 12.5mm Gyproc WallBoard each side of Gypframe 48 S 50 studs provides 30 minutes.
  • Single layer 15mm Gyproc FireLine each side of Gypframe 48 S 50 studs provides 60 minutes.
  • Double layer 15mm Gyproc WallBoard each side of Gypframe 48 S 50 studs provides 90 minutes

Usually, fire resistant plasterboard comes with a pink face which we can paint or plaster

What is concrete padstone for steal beam fitting?

The purpose of a padstone is to form a sound base or pad for a lintel or steel beam. Padstone is used to spread weight at the bearing of steel beams (RSJ, Universal Beam, Universal Column, Parallel Flange Channel) on masonry internal and external load-bearing wall